Welcome to the Room 42 Book Blog. This is our interactive reading project that the students of the fifth grade at Manor Hill will be working on throughout the 2007-2008 school year. This blog is not, however, intended for just students. Click on the link at the right “more information” to find out all of the details about this project. Happy Reading!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mr. Kelsey

Thanks for checking into my section of the blog. The kids have all written introductions for themselves so I will do the same.

I am a fifth grade teacher at Manor Hill Elementary School in Liberty, Missouri. This is my eight year of teaching. I enjoy sports, as well as collecting autographs. My reading tends to be all over the place. I typically enjoy reading a lot of non fiction but there are times when a fiction title will catch my eye.

You may notice that my section has a lot of comments on it. As I was reconfiguring the blog to work with this years class, I started to delete my section and decided that I wanted to keep it. It really is a record of my reading over the last two years. I have read several books this summer including The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman, Deception Point by Dan Brown, and Blogs of War.

The other thing about my reading is that I tend to read several books at one time. Currently I am reading 3 different books. Sometimes it gets confusing but they are usually so different that I can keep track of them. I think about it like watching different television shows and being able to keep track of them in your mind. I hope you enjoy reading my comments about the books I read.